Festival² – About

A Festival of Festivals – The story behind

Berlin Beer Week only happens once a year. But we have devoted our professional lives to furthering Berlin beer culture, not just in summer. So we came up with the Berlin Beer Week On Tour concept, where we would pack up a few wonderful brews from Berlin and showcase them at beer festivals all over Europe.

Needless to say, we loved what we saw – the various ways in which beer festivals have a similar premise, but feel totally different with their unique vibes. We decided that we have a lot to learn, and that those festivals have a lot to offer.
One of the core ideals of the craft beer scene is collaboration, the belief that through cooperation, we improve our beer culture, increase our expertise and provide a better experience for the consumer.
But why should breweries be the only entities that get to collaborate? Why not, for example, have beer festivals collaborate to create a festival of festivals? Any why stop at beer festivals?

FESTIVAL² – the Metafest

This is not just another Craft Beer Festival. We are organizing a huge party for close to 3.000 people over two days, with music, arts, dancing, crafting, food, a huge pool, cocktails and all the fun and games you can have with that setting at the peak of a Berlin summer. This is why we are chosing a central Berlin party location for this event.

Festival² is all about beer – and so much more! Imagine getting together with a ton of friends to enjoy a perfect summer day by the pool, having awesome conversations, playing games, learning new things, listening to great music, maybe even getting a tattoo, or just chilling out while imbibing some of the most amazing beers from all over the world, before leaving the festival with so many great memories that you are already impatient for the party to return in next year.

We want people to drink good beer while having fun, which is why we are partnering with 20+ beer festivals, which will bring more than 160 different beers from at least 50 different breweries and some organizers unrelated to beer, and they are bringing the best their country has to offer:

From the beaches of Porto and Barcelona to the bustling of Rome and Paris, from the  windswept shores of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea to the land down under – Together we’ll bring the world to party in the heart of Berlin.

Hard Facts:


Friday, July 26 & Saturday, July 27, on the last weekend of the 5th annual Berlin Beer Week

14.00 – 15.00 (Early access Beer Geek tickets)
15.00 – 21.00 (Festival core time)

21.00 – open end (Location turns into party location)

Haubentaucher, RAW, Revaler Straße 99, D-10245 Berlin


Collaborative festival of 20+ festivals from all over Europe


Starting from 69€

Get them here: FESTIVAL² Tickets