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Berlin Beer Week

Berliner Weiße Gipfel - Berliner Weisse Summit

Champagne du Nord

Today’s guest festival is a local partner of Berlin Beer Week. The Berliner Weisse Summit is dedicated to saving our local beer style from syrupy threats and extinction. We can expect local experts such as Schneeeule Berlin, Brewbaker Bio-Bier, Lemke Berlin and Berliner Berg to showcase their specialties at the FESTIVAL² - The Festival of Festivals.

Once upon a time, there were hundreds of breweries dedicated to the making of Berlin’s light sour ale. “Champagne of the North” it was called. At the start of the third millennium, noch much was left of its former glory. The last Weisse from an independent brewery was bought up and discontinued. All that was left was a mass-produced product, sweetened beyond recognition by artificially flavored syrups in raspberry red and poison green.
To counteract the loss of our beer heritage, enthusiasts and microbrewers formed the Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V. non-profit society and the Berliner Weisse Summit. The event is taking places in changing locations. This year, it’s going down at the Silent Green Kulturquartier in the center of the district of Wedding. Next to local and international producers of Berliner Weisse, there is also a long list of great framework events such as tastings, panels, workshops and a homebrewing contest.

silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

Opening Times:
June 1, 2019, 12:30 - 9 pm

You can buy tickets on site. There is a token system for sampling beers. If you buy tickets in advance, you save some money:
Early Bird: 28€ (glass, wristband, 10 tokens)
Vorverkauf: 30€ (glass, wristband, 10 tokens)
Beer Geek: 64€ (glas, wristband, 20 tokens, free access to a programme event category A - 10€ value - and a programme event category B - 20€ value)

Come to Berlin and experience the most exciting versions of our local brew! Of course, we’ll have a small, but fine selection at the Festival², too.

Looking for accommodation during Berlin Beer Week or Festival²? Here are some suggestions:

All pictures courtesy of Berliner-Weisse-Kultur e.V.
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Berlin Beer Week

FYNEFEST by Fyne Ales

Fine Ales, Highlands, Camping, Music

Scotland as you’d imagine it on a postcard picture, that’s our next partner for FESTIVAL² - The Festival of Festivals. Rolling green hills, Highland Lochs, tents and campers, live music and the best of British brewing, such as Fierce Beer Co, Vault City Brewing and the Origins Brewing project by Fyne Ales themselves, their barrel-aging and mixed fermentation range.
Fynefest brings them together - and to Berlin.

Fynefest is already turning 10. People return for the highland camping atmosphere next to Loch Fyne, the music festival flair (headliners this year: Bombskare and Massaoke), and the impressive selection of breweries. Anyone who’s anything in British brewing comes to Cairndow for three days of indulgence.
The festival offers a shuttle service from Glasgow, campers can be rented. The event prides itself on its family friendliness, offers food options for vegans, and welcomes dogs. So pack your tents and boots, and don’t forget the mosquito nets (the local midges are almost an attraction in themselves), and off to Fynefest!


Fyne Ales
Achadunan, Cairndow, Argyll, PA26 8BJ


May 31 - June 2, 2019
Friday to Sunday:
10 am to 2 am


Early Bird and Tier 1 are sold out.

Tier 2:
Saturday only:
44,50£ no camping, 49,50£ camping
64,50£ no camping, 69,50£ camping

Tier 3:
Saturday only:
49,50£ no camping, 54,50£ camping
69,50£ no camping, 74,50£ camping

Children 12 years or under: free
Children 12 years and above: 10£

Car park pass: 3£

Campervan: 27,50£

Scottish springtime awaits, and one of the most lavish celebrations in the Highlands. If you can’t make it to Fynefest, don’t play a funeral march on your bagpipe! Just come to Festival².

Still looking for a place to stay during Festival² or Berlin Beer Week? Here are some options:
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Berlin Beer Week

Raffle Winner Announcement

One week has gone by since the end of our ticket raffle. High time to inform the lucky winners!

The prize are 1x 2 tickets to the FESTIVAL² - The Festival of Festivals, the new closing event of Berlin Beer Week.

Without further ado: The virtual lottery pot named Lukas Heinze, who gets to enjoy the end of Berlin Beer Week with pool, party and about a differend 100 beers per day - and a companion of his chosing.

We would like to thank everyone else for participating, and hope to be able to welcome you at the Festival² even though you didn't win.

You've decided to come, but don't know where to rest your head during Berlin Beer Week 2019? We've created two booking links for you, which will take you hotels in the period of the Festival² (Link 1) or the entire Berlin Beer Week (Link 2):
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Wow, vielen Dank für den Gewinn!!! Da freue ich mich sehr drüber🍻

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Berlin Beer Week

Arrogant Sour Festival

You don’t have to be snobby to like sours - but it helps.

In Germany, we say “sour makes funny”. That’s why our next partner festival for the FESTIVAL² - The Festival of Festivals is dedicated exclusively to sour beers. Arrogant Sour from Italy is an annual showcase of the world’s best weird, funky and tart beers and will bring exclusive delicacies from breweries such as Microbirrificio Opperbacco, Ca' del Brado, Klanbarrique and stavio to Berlin.

Born in 2013, the festival took the risk of excluding what most people call beer in favor of those special brews that weird out 90% of average beer drinkers. Wild and spontaneous fermentation and refreshing tartness in more than 160 beers create a unique reference point for sour beers on a European level.
Situated in the heartlands of balsamic vinegar production in Reggia Emilia (where Modena also is), the locals and international guests can appreciate acidity in a hand-crafted, carefully aged beverage.
The goal is to create a network between producers, advertisers and customers and to raise public awareness of the sour beer market.

Sample through the beers on the legendary 40-meter long bar counter, check out the cask-dedicated “Bottaia” area, the Lambic corner and the beer shop, all to the amazing backdrop of the 16th Century building Chiostro della Ghiara.
We won’t even say anything about the food. If you don’t know that food from this part of Italy is going to be excellent, you’ve probably never wondered where the recipes you’re trying to imitate came from. What? It’s not called Arrogant Sour for nothing!

If you’d like to delve deeper into sour beers on a professional level, there is a forum featuring top producers from across the globe.
And if you like to party, live music with various bands and DJs will have you covered!

Chiostro della Ghiara
Via Guasco, 6, 42121 Reggio Emilia RE,

May 31 - June 2, 2019
Friday: noon - 1 am
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am - 1 am

Payment method:
Please check the website and/or their Facebook page for further information.

Enjoy some Italian sunshine at Arrogant Sour, and the right, refreshingly tart beers to go with it. If you can’t make it, you get a second chance at Festival².
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Berlin Beer Week

BPBW - Budapest Beer Week

Connecting Budapest, Hungary and the World through good beer

Without our buddies from the twin towns of Buda and Pest, the idea of organizing a festival of festival probably would have not been born, or at least much later. Festival² is the natural progression of the on Tour concept that first started between Budapest Beer Week and Berlin Beer Week.
So, we’re psyched to welcome these guys the festival alongside such great breweries as Mad Scientist, TuffBuzz and Balkezes.

Budapest Beer Week is an international craft beer festival in the heart of Budapest / Hungary. From May 20 - 26, BPBW fills the Hungarian capital with unique beer events in all the important beer locations of the city. The events are hosted by the venues themselves, so each event has its own flair. On May 24 and 25, the main event takes place at Dürer Kert concert venue, next to the Dürer Gardens, with open glass, all you can drink tasting sessions featuring the best of Hungarian beer and international specialties.
Needless to say that there are lots of parties all over town and an official after party to the main event, with DJs and everything.
A true celebration of Budapest, simple as that. #nevergofullcraft

The whole of Budapest, various venues

Main event:
Dürer Kert
Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21
1046 Hungary

May 20-26, 2019

Main Event:
May 24 & 25, 2019 (additional session on May 26)

Payment Method:
Individual, depending on the venue and the event

Main Event:
Open glass / all you can sample
Single day ticket: 65€ presale / 75€ normal
Two-day ticket: 116€ presale / 126€ normal

Budapest is a great city that loves to party, even more so during Budapest Beer Week. Get in on the action, or visit their stand at Festival² to get a sneak peek!
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