Speidel Microsite

Speidel is a medium-size enterprise with over 120 employees. For generations we have been passionately manufacturing containers and our long-time expertise has become second nature to us. In order for our proverbial quality to remain the benchmark of our work, we invest in the most modern technology and manufacturing plants as well as in the best possible training for our employees.

Besides the Braumeister Speidel produces products for the following fields:

Stainless steel tanks

Tanks for wine, Mashing tanks, Variable capacity tanks, Fermentation tanks, Tanks for transportation, Pressure tanks
Home cider making

Cider containers, Hydraulic presses, Pome fruit grinder, Juice containers, Pressure casks
Storage tanks, Transportation barrels, Mashing tanks, Recuperation tanks, Grit containers, Tilting tubs
Moulded components manufactured in rotation processes

PE-containers, Foam rotation, Inmould, Sandwich rotation
Rainwater harvesting
Rainwater cisterns, Rain columns, Flat tanks, Slim tanks, Waste water tanks, Dry wells, Storage tanks